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The Tavistock Trust For Aphasia

Welcome to The Tavistock Trust For Aphasia


After his stroke in 1988, Robin was unable to speak - he could say "yes" and "no" but was not able to access language. It was a very frightening and frustrating experience. His road after stroke was a long one, but without doubt his aphasia, the silent disability, was the one that most affected his quality of life.

His life was saved by prompt and highly skilled surgery. With the support from family and friends and with intensive speech therapy, he slowly but surely began to recover.

In 1992, Robin founded the Tavistock Trust for Aphasia, the only grant making trust in the UK to focus solely on aphasia. Robin’s hope was that everyone who has aphasia would be able to receive the kind of help he had received. Resources are few today, but through funding innovative and inspirational projects and research we are seeing his dream come true.

The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia is not a memorial to Robin, it is part of his living legacy. It is making a difference and I know he would be very proud of all that is being achieved.

Henrietta, Duchess of Bedford

Henrietter, Duchess of Bedford

The Tavistock Trust For Aphasia

Robin and Henrietta, 2001


The Tavistock Trust for Aphasia would like to thank Benjamin Shine for his kind gift of the logo design.

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